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Wine tasting at Tsuru

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This week  The Wine Sleuth invited me along to try a few of the new wines at Tsuru Sushi, and as it is very difficult to say no to some of my favorite Japanese in London paired with wine, I happily joined her along with Niamh, (EatLikeAGirl) and Emma, the lovely lovely owner of Tsuru Sushi.

Tsuru is a fantastic Japanese restaurant with 2 locations across London, (one just behind the Tate Modern, the other at 201 Bishopsgate) that uses incredibly fresh ingredients and sustainable fish in its preparation of delicious Japanese dishes.  I had previously been to Tsuru’s Bankside location for a wine and sushi pairing last winter, and really enjoyed the evening and the emphasis that Tsuru placed on ensuring it had not only an affordable wine menu, but one that paired well with dishes from katsu curry to its nigiri.

Tsuru’s new location in the courtyard of 201 Bishopsgate is a great place to head to escape the ‘heatwave’ currently hanging over London, and we had such a pleasant evening underneath the glass canopies of the surrounding skyscrapers sipping wine and having some of the great salmon Emma cooked for us.

We spent the evening sampling wines from the La Tunella winery based in Friuli, Italy, (a hilly region in Italy just west of the Slovenian border). The Wine Sleuth led us through the tasting, and we started off with the only wine of La Tunella made with a grape indigenous to the region – Friuliano. The wine was fantastic, with a nice minerality to it, (reflecting the sandstone soil that the winery very kindly sent along for us to smell and feel) and I can easily see how The Wine Sleuth said it paired well with many of the dishes on Tsuru’s menu (We were all upset it’s not imported into the UK – The Wine Sleuth is on a campaign to bring recognition to the grape – so delicious!).  We also tasted a Pinot Grigio, which was surprisingly full-bodied and lacking in that bland and flabby characteristic that tends to fault so many Pinot Grigios. Following the whites, we moved on to a great Pinot Nero and Cabernet Franc. I particularly enjoyed the Pinot Nero, aged for 18 months in stainless steel, whereas the Cabernet Franc was aged partly in barrels and partly in French Oak and was a bit more full-bodied.

To end the night, EatLikeAGirl brought along some lovely Extra-Dry Prosecco from Riccardo, a small Prosecco house about to expand to the UK. It had lovely notes of Apple and a light spiciness in the background – delicious. Can’t wait to buy some here in the UK soon!

The 411:

Tsuru Sushi
4 Canvey Street
London SE1 9AN

201 Bishopsgate (the courtyard)
London EC2M 3UG

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