Lassis from Made With Joy

Earlier this month I heard about a great new company, Made With Joy, who were just starting to get the word out about their fantastic lassis. I met up with one of the co-owners, Sid, who kindly passed along the most lovely little parcel, (don’t you love the most perfectly wrapped items – makes it feel like a special present) of Made With Joy’s 3 lassis: Mango, Cardamom & Rose and Strawberry & Holy Basil.

To start, what a great business venture this is – it fills what I saw as a gap in the “smoothie to go” market and offers something new for the consumer in that little plastic bottle we’re all so used to seeing über-sugary fruit juices in. I’ve always loved lassis and wish I could have them on a more regular basis, other than when my mouth is on fire from a vindaloo. Plus, all the lassis are made with agave syrup rather than sugar, so I believe this makes them slightly better for you.

I loved all three flavours, but was incredibly shocked as to how much I loved the Cardamom & Rose – despite my complete abhorrence for rosewater! It was a gorgeous drink and a perfect mid-afternoon distraction. Mmm.

I was telling T how these drinks would be perfect for his consulting company to order in alongside their morning fruit basket – especially as I know we’re all getting tired of grabbing a boring, banana-bulked-out smoothie on our lunch hours.

Go to The People’s Supermarket in Holborn, Mother Earth in Islington, Spitalfields Organic or Union Market in Fulham and you’ll see the lassis on the shelf.

Best of luck Sid!



2 thoughts on “Lassis from Made With Joy

  1. Good to see our handy work around the web. We have really enjoyed working with Sid from Made With Joy and are really happy with the creative execution.

    And the taste of the produc matches the design and they are both awesome (even if I do say so myself). My personal favourite flavour has to be Cardamom & Rose too!


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